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Our Process

No one wants their dream extension to become a nightmare. Getting the building process right allows you to enjoy every step of the journey, stress-free. That’s why we use our 20 years of building experience to ensure your project runs smoothly and without delay. We use our expertise to assist you through each stage of the development process, ensuring that you get the garden room you have always dreamed of.


Treat yourself to an extension you’ll never want to leave, in seven simple steps.



Get in touch

It doesn’t matter if you have full drawings or just a vague idea, we want to hear from you! With years of experience in creating bespoke oak framed gardens rooms and extensions, we are able to take your current plans and push them onto the next stage. If you are looking for some inspiration then you might want to order our brochure pack. You will find examples of our previous builds and get an idea of what makes us so unique.

If you would like to speak about your project with us then feel free to give us a call on  0800 288 8333. We can let you know more about what we offer and you can book yourself a free consultation with one of our designers. Speaking of free consultations…




Free Consultation

We have designers based all over the country who will happily meet at a time most convenient for you. The meeting is completely free and carries with it no obligations. We feel it is important to get to know you and your site as it helps us inform our designs and ensure they are bespoke to you. Our skilled designers can use their years of experience to help bring your project to life, offering advice and tips on how to get the best out of your space and budget.

Our designer will take your brief and bring it back to our offices in Mid Wales. This is when your extension begins to take shape.



Design and Drawing

This is the exciting bit. Now that our designers know what you are looking for, they can begin to create your new extension. Our experienced engineers can recreate your designer’s drawings in full 3D, giving you a very realistic impression of what the finished project will look like. We will present these drawings and images to you in a second. You can make as many or as few adjustments as you’d like. Once the design has been agreed, we will provide a full costing of the project.

Once everything has been signed off, we will begin to arrange planning, manufacturing and installation.



Planning Permission

Our preferred planning consultants will sort out your planning permission for you. We will conduct a full site survey to ensure we have everything we need to pass the planning application process. With years of experience in producing buildings both large and small, you can be confident your planning is being dealt with professionally.

Arboreta Garden Rooms specialises in creating extensions that work with any home, in any area. This means we are not limited in our designs as we can use our experience and in-house expertise to overcome any issues surrounding Local Planning Councils and other building regulations. We remove planning from your to-do list so that you can focus on what matters to you.

Once your planning application has been approved, our in-house engineers will begin to produce technical drawings that will cover all aspects of the building process.



Site Preparation

Before your bespoke oak frame arrives, the foundations, base and any accompanying walls will need to be built first. This can be done by a contractor of your choosing. We will provide comprehensive technical drawings that can simply be handed over and used as a complete guide by the contractor. We like to work closely with you and your chosen project manager to ensure this process is seamless and successful.

We will work to your schedule, keeping you up to date with how your frame is coming along during the manufacturing process. We will inspect the site prior to our installers arriving to ensure the foundations have been installed correctly. Then, once everything has been signed off, your bespoke frame will arrive.



Our installers are experts in oak frame construction. They will erect your beautiful Arboreta oak frame, fit glazing using our unique direct glazing system and install roof covering to provide you with a  fully water-tight extension. We take pride in our timely delivery of a high quality of customer service and we are always on hand should you wish to speak with us. We understand how important this part of the process is and we use our experience to ensure to goes smoothly and without issue.

The installation process will be quick and simple. Once completed you will be left with a building that is straight from the 3D drawings generated by our designers and engineers. There is nothing quite like it.




Once our installers have finished doing their bit, you can begin to apply the finishing touches to your new oak extension. Before long you will be sat with your feet up on a cosy Sunday wandering how you ever lived without your new dream space. We are proud of the service we offer our clients, and from what they have been telling us, they are very pleased with it too.


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