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Choosing to invest in and embark on any building project is a big decision. We recognise that and so, at the beginning of every brief, our designers work with you to understand and consider your needs, before providing you with a full and transparent cost estimate. This ensures that there are never any surprises. At Arboreta, we build to a standard, not to a budget, we will not cut corners. Our oak-framed buildings are a great investment, and will most likely increase the value of your property, so it is important that you feel confident and enjoy the journey.

We have spent years finding the right combination of oak and glass and we have honed our techniques to ensure the longevity of our buildings, creating classic, timeless designs that will last for decades. Our traditional joinery methods are used alongside high tech products, such as specially made oak pegs.

An oak building is unique to each home, and to each building. We allow the house itself to direct and shape our design, in order to produce a beautiful, balanced and timeless room that sits naturally and harmoniously in its surroundings. Classic proportions, simplicity and attention to detail are considered alongside the existing scope of the building. At Arboreta we believe that less is more. We take great care in creating a structure that honours your original architecture, while offering depth and integrity in its own right.

It takes the right balance of proportion, space, light and colour to create that exclusive, luxury feel. Arboreta knows how to capture this special feeling. We understand the technical and visual elements that make homes truly, and uniquely, beautiful. We create our oak buildings with understanding, care and expertise. Our designs are timeless, classic and perfectly proportioned in order to achieve a truly luxurious space in which to relax.

At Arboreta, we represent a lot of what we feel is great about Britain: its diversity, architecture, heritage and history of design, manufacturing and commerce. Serving the UK and overseas, Arboreta has successfully completed projects across the UK and overseas for nearly 30 years, from country homes, town houses and cottages to commercial buildings.

To visit, find out more, or request a brochure or design consultation please call us on 0800 288 8333.

Good design gives life to your ideas and is the key to the success of any project. Our design service is specifically geared to provide you with a bespoke solution; we listen to you and get to know how you live before we even put pencil to paper.

We recognise that your project is a big decision and that you will have a number of questions that need answering, which is why we’re so thorough at the start of your enquiry when our architectural designer meets you at your home. Our end goal is to help you visualise the finished building as best we can, and to provide a full and transparent cost estimate so that there are no surprises further down the line. Not only do we ensure our designs fit you and the way you live, but also that they fit perfectly with a building’s surroundings and heritage too; so our oak frame additions never look out of place.

Our experienced CAD technicians will draw your project to scale clearly and accurately so that your project is understood by all parties from local authorities, to bricklayers, yourselves, and your builder.

To visit, find out more, or request a brochure or design consultation please call us on 0800 288 8333.

We can assist with preparing and submitting planning permissions, building regulations and structural calculations. Alternatively, if you have plans and planning permission already in place, we are happy to work with your architect. Please send your plans into us to info@arboreta-oak.com.

We will undertake a detailed survey, recording measurements and identifying any potential issues such as drainage or restricted site access, before our architectural designer provides you with a concept illustration and a detailed quotation.

To visit, find out more, or request a brochure or design consultation please call us on 0800 288 8333.

Once completed, each Arboreta oak frame structure represents a unique marriage of state-of-the-art technology and hand craftsmanship.

At Arboreta we select superior QPA grade European timbers and take care to source our oak only from sustainably managed forests with a proven programme of felling and replacement.

The architectural integrity we employ at the design stage is continued throughout construction, ensuring your oak frame will be absolutely in keeping with your existing building. Our craftsmen take advantage of oak’s outstanding natural qualities by using traditional methods developed over many generations which we combine with contemporary engineering techniques to create our oak frames to precise degrees of accuracy. The result is a structure which, though built for modern life, allows the centuries of know-how that have gone into its creation and the natural beauty of oak to shine through.

Our installation crews erect the oak frames for both Arboreta and our sister company, Welsh Oak Frame, who build oak frame houses. Our teams are both conscientious and diligent, starting on site at 0730 each day and are focused on precise attention to detail, well versed in on-site problem solving and are simply a pleasure to have around. They will clean up each day and have their own dustpan and brush.

To visit, find out more, or request a brochure or design consultation please call us on 0800 288 8333.

To confirm our confidence in the quality of our workmanship, we issue a 15 year guarantee alongside a full care and maintenance information pack.

Our doors and windows meet the very highest security standards (PAS24) and our insulated roof, hi tech glass, underfloor heating and sophisticated ventilation systems ensure that your room has the quality and environmental credentials to satisfy you and construction legislation now and in the future.

An Arboreta oak frame structure will have longevity in both its design and product lifetime; an appreciating asset that is built to last and will hopefully add value to your home.

To visit, find out more, or request a brochure or design consultation please call us on 0800 288 8333.

Your Arboreta oak framing building will be unique to you. One of our nationwide based architectural designers can visit you at home on a no-obligation basis and listen carefully to your needs, take a detailed brief about your requirements, style, budget and discuss the layout options; and inspire you with our extensive portfolio. Based on this meeting, a collection of initial drawings will be created, drawn up by our in-house design office, a return visit to you organised and thereafter the drawings can be adjusted to produce a carefully considered final design.

Alternatively, we can work with your architect with the plans that you already have drawn up.

Submitting drawings:

If you would like to submit drawings directly to us for us to review, please send to info@arboreta-oak.com.

To visit, find out more, or request a brochure or design consultation please call us on 0800 288 8333.