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About Us

We are designers, planners and builders of beautiful oak framed garden rooms. Based in the heart of Mid-Wales, we have been using our more than 20 years worth of building experience to provide a top quality service, nationwide. From humble beginnings, Arboreta has grown to become an industry leader in providing truly bespoke oak framed extensions. We use traditional handcrafted methods to ensure every beam, truss and post are of the highest calibre.


We are part of the Welsh Oak Frame group,  and use the same skilled designers, carpenters and installers to deliver the now renowned quality finish.

What makes us different

Where many providers have now turned to automation and machinery when producing their oak frames, we have continued to use our experience and handcrafting expertise to provide a quality finish. Oak buildings are all about character and charm. The finish of a perfectly crafted beam or truss is unrivalled by another other building material. That’s why we give oak the attention it deserves.

With over 20 years of experience in handcrafting oak, we have been able to produce designs that other providers simply can’t. Our carpenters are able to produce larger curves and more detailed joinery than any machine could, ensuring your home is truly bespoke to you. We understand how important your new space is to you and that’s why we design it exactly how you want. We don’t work off templates and we stay clear of standardised packages, ensuring that every bit of your new garden room is completely unique.



Green Oak

Green oak is cut from trees felled within 18 months and has a high moisture content, which gradually decreases as the oak dries out. This process of drying is called seasoning and begins straight away.

Green oak is the only way forward when it comes to traditional oak frames, roof trusses, beams and posts. More importantly, as the green oak starts to dry, it shrinks slightly – mostly across the width of the grain – tightening and hardening the joints, making the whole structure stronger as the building ages. Shakes appear over time as the oak dries adding character and warmth to your frame. This method of construction has been used for many centuries and our designers and engineers allow for this shrinkage in their designs today.

We use Green Oak for all of our beams, trusses and posts.


Meet the team
Don’t take our word for it
We thrive on our reputation and a lot of our projects are undertaken through personal recommendation. Don’t take our word for it, have a look at what our clients say.

"From the attention to detail during the design stage, to the creators in the workshop, to the installers and glazing team... it is the fine detail which surely sets you apart."
Mr Tench Truro
"All the men have done a fabulous job. They arrived early and worked long hours, were quiet and helpful. You couldn’t get a better team!!"
Mr & Mrs Dallas, Hertfordshire
"We are delighted with our Orangery. The workmanship in both the workshop and on site is outstanding. The attention to detail is first class. We will highly recommend Arboreta to anyone wanting this type of room and we are more than willing to show anyone our finished product."
Mr & Mrs Ellis, Lancashire
"I am impressed and delighted by the work of the team. All joinery is to a very high standard, and I have been impressed by their professionalism, politeness and hard work."
Mr Elwell, West Yorkshire
"We cannot thank you enough for all the time and effort and hand-holding you’ve given us through this project. Thanks also to the team who erected the frame, it was a joy to work with them."
Mr & Mrs Carpenter, Somerset
"Great guys, polite and very considerate. A pleasure to have them working at our house."
Mr & Mrs Paulich, South Yorkshire
"Fabulous! Well done to all the team, we are really pleased - Thank you!"
Mrs Woodcock, Retford
An Arboreta building project is one of architectural integrity and workmanship of the highest quality, and whilst we are always absolutely certain of the extremely high standard of our work, we are immensely proud to have been recognised for our excellence by a number of official bodies and we have won a number of building awards.