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7 Reasons Oak is the Sustainable Choice


Given that a large number of trees need to be cut down in order to produce an oak framed extension, it can be easy to assume it is an unsustainable option. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Here are 8 reasons that oak is the sustainable builders’ best friend.


  1. Trees

Trees are Carbon Dioxide sponges. They absorb huge volumes of Carbon Dioxide when they are young, but this process slows when they begin to age. We only pick our oak when it has matured around the age of 80-100 years.

  1. Forest Management

Did you know that in a responsibly managed forest, more trees are planted than are cut down? We carefully select our trees so that newer trees are left to grow whilst older ones are cut down to make room for new growth. To ensure that you are making your extension from sustainably sourced oak, keep an eye out for PEFC and FSC accreditations.

  1. Low embodied energy

Manufacturing other materials such as concrete and steel use more energy than the entire process of harvesting, preparing and shipping oak. This is an important reason for avoiding the use of standard materials and opting for a much more sustainable choice.

  1. Efficiency

Insulation is a big part of modern buildings. Fortunately for those looking to build with us, oak is a natural insulator. The gaps between the oak beams can be insulated with equally green materials to create a building that looks amazing and costs next to nothing to keep warm.

  1. Reduced Waste

We prepare your oak frames off-site in our workshop using skilled craftsman. This means we minimize the waste generated by cutting the oak as our experts are able to use the offcuts for alternative purposes. For example, some of the smaller off-cuts can be used to power our furnaces.

  1. Chemicals

Oak frames are free of any need for chemical treatment. It’s a natural resistance to rot and insects makes it a long-lasting, natural product that beautifully silvers over time to create a classic finish.

  1. Design

If you get your hands on an architect who has a good track record for designing with the environment in mind you will have yourself a truly green project. Their expertise will help your project take advantage of things like harnessing solar gain to reduce the need for heating. They will be able to use oak’s ability to work seamlessly with glazing (especially using our Direct Glazing system) to ensure your home is warm all year round, reducing energy bills and usage.