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Arboreta shares the same passion and vision for oak framing as our sister company Welsh Oak Frame, who builds oak frame houses, with over 20 years building experience. Arboreta and Welsh Oak Frame share the same skilled craftsman, with both companies based at our office and workshop in Mid Wales, working nationwide across the UK.

To visit, find out more, or request a brochure or design consultation, please call us on 0800 288 8333.

When we talk about heritage, we’re referring not only to our own history as a company, but also to our thorough knowledge and understanding of centuries-old skills which we apply every single day. Just like the medieval oak frame buildings which still stand today, our oak frames are built to last. An Arboreta oak frame structure will not only stand the test of many years’ low-maintenance service, it will also age beautifully and actually improve over time and we’re proud to be contributing to British architectural heritage. The wonderful warmth, character and charm of our beautiful oak frame living spaces will endure; to be enjoyed for generations yet to come.

An Arboreta project is always undertaken with careful consideration to the building’s surroundings and the project’s environmental impact.

Our Arboreta timber frames are constructed from Green Oak, chosen not only for its strength and beauty but also because it’s so, well, green. Green Oak is carbon neutral, sustainable and occurs naturally, therefore doesn’t require large amounts of energy to manufacture, and, though it’s the oldest building method employed today, the traditional oak frame is thoroughly modern; being the most environmentally friendly too. At Arboreta we select superior QPA grade European timbers and take care to source our oak only from sustainably managed forests with a proven programme of felling and replacement. Our building systems are approved by BM TRADA.

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We are a friendly team at Arboreta so whether you’re a current, past or present customer, we are always happy for you to come in for a chat over a cup of tea or to undertake a workshop tour. Get in touch and book a visit with us and see how we craft our oak frames.

To visit, find out more, or request a brochure or design consultation please call us on 0800 288 8333.
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Don’t take our word for it
We thrive on our reputation and a lot of our projects are undertaken through personal recommendation. Don’t take our word for it, have a look at what our clients say.

"From the attention to detail during the design stage, to the creators in the workshop, to the installers and glazing team... it is the fine detail which surely sets you apart."
Mr Tench Truro
"All the men have done a fabulous job. They arrived early and worked long hours, were quiet and helpful. You couldn’t get a better team!!"
Mr & Mrs Dallas, Hertfordshire
"We are delighted with our Orangery. The workmanship in both the workshop and on site is outstanding. The attention to detail is first class. We will highly recommend Arboreta to anyone wanting this type of room and we are more than willing to show anyone our finished product."
Mr & Mrs Ellis, Lancashire
"I am impressed and delighted by the work of the team. All joinery is to a very high standard, and I have been impressed by their professionalism, politeness and hard work."
Mr Elwell, West Yorkshire
"We cannot thank you enough for all the time and effort and hand-holding you’ve given us through this project. Thanks also to the team who erected the frame, it was a joy to work with them."
Mr & Mrs Carpenter, Somerset
"Great guys, polite and very considerate. A pleasure to have them working at our house."
Mr & Mrs Paulich, South Yorkshire
"Fabulous! Well done to all the team, we are really pleased - Thank you!"
Mrs Woodcock, Retford
An Arboreta building project is one of architectural integrity and workmanship of the highest quality, and whilst we are always absolutely certain of the extremely high standard of our work, we are immensely proud to have been recognised for our excellence by a number of official bodies and we have won a number of building awards.